Fluentd v0.12.28 has been released

Hi users!

We have released Fluentd version 0.12.28. Here are the changes:

New features / Enhancement

  • in_forward: Add source_hostname_key parameter: #807

Bug fixes

  • parser: Ensure strict mode is used for Oj parser: #1147

in_forward: Add source_hostname_key parameter

This parameter is useful when your forwarders hard to add hostname or comparing hostname for debugging, See this comment.

When this parameter is specified, in_forward iterates / mutates incoming events and it needs additional processing resource. If your environment is very high traffic, check the performance first.

parser: Ensure strict mode is used for Oj parser

Oj parser treats : started string as a symbol, not string. It causes plugins raise an error like "undefined method `strip' for #<Symbol:0x000000033f370c>".

v0.12.28 fixes this problem.

Lastly, v0.12.28 docker image has also been available on Docker Hub.

Happy logging!

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Written by Masahiro Nakagawa

Masahiro (@repeatedly) is the main maintainer of Fluentd. He works on Fluentd development and support full-time. He is also a committer of the D programming language.

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