Fluentd (v1, current stable)

RPM, deb, Windows, macOS

Fluentd v1 is available on Linux, Mac OSX and Windows. It's packaged by Fluentd Project and Calyptia respectively as:

Other distributions

Docker images, Kubernetes DaemonSet and Ruby gems are also available from the community.

Platform Platform Version Package or Installer

Docker Docker image at Docker Hub

Container Orchestration
Kubernetes Kubernetes DaemonSet for Fluentd

Ruby v2.6.0 and above Fluentd v1.16.5 (current stable. recommend for production)
  • gem install fluentd
Installation Guide (* ruby expert-use only)

Fluent Bit (Lightweight Forwarder)

If you're looking for more lightweight forwarder for edge devices / servers / containers, use Fluent Bit, an open source data collector specifically designed for data forwarding. Fluent Bit is more efficient in terms of CPU / Memory usage, but has limited features. The following table list the available Linux packages for different distributions. Note that Fluent Bit packaged is known as td-agent-bit.

Visit fluent-bit official site and documentation.


Want to learn the basics of Fluentd? Check out these pages.

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