Centralized App Logging

Fluentd decouples application logging from backend systems by the unified logging layer.

This layer allows developers and data analysts to utilize application logs as they are generated.

A unified logging layer lets you and your organization make better use of data and iterate more quickly on your software.


Fluentd supports most of the common programming languages. Fluentd can unify the logging mechanism from multiple applications written in diffent languages, deployed at different data centers. The logger libraries are easy to install, and lightweight.

Log Everything in JSON

Fluentd tries to structure data as JSON as much as possible: this allows Fluentd to unify all facets of processing log data: collecting, filtering, buffering, and outputting logs across multiple sources and destinations. The downstream data processing is much easier with JSON, since it has enough structure to be accessible while retaining flexible schemas.

Choose Your Backend

Now the backend system is fully decoupled from the logging system. It's time to pick up your favirite backend system from a library of output plugins.

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