fluent-package v5.0.2 has been released

Hi users!

We have released fluent-package v5.0.2 and td-agent v4.5.2. fluent-package is a stable distribution package of Fluentd.

This is a maintenance release of v5.0.x LTS series. As significant in_tail bugs (wrongly stopping tailing logs) were fixed in latest release, we recommend upgrading to fluent-package v5.0.2!

Changes from fluent-package v5.0.1

  • Update fluentd to 1.16.3 which contains significant bug fixes about in_tail. See Fluentd v1.16.3 and v1.16.2 have been released blog article about details.
  • Update plugins
    • fluent-diagtool v1.0.3. It supports fluent-package and can collect information about locally installed gems. It may help to migrate from td-agent v4 a bit. See Upgrade to fluent-package v5 for migration.
  • msi: support path which contains space or parenthesis (#589)
  • deb: fixed system user/group name in logrotate config (#592,#594)
    • It fixes a bug that unknown user error was reported during log rotation.
  • rpm: fixed to create fluentd user as system account (#596)
    • It fixes a bug that /var/lib/fluent directory was created unexpectedly. It doesn't affect the fluentd service behavior, but it is desirable one.
  • rpm: changed to keep system account after removing fluent-package. (#598)
    • In the previous versions, there was a bug that group was not cleanly removed when the package was upgraded from td-agent v4. This change makes reinstall/downgrade friendly.

About next LTS schedule

We plan to ship next LTS version of fluent-package v5.0.3 on Feb, 2024. The content of updates are still in T.B.D.

About td-agent v4.5.2

This is a exceptional maintenance release of v4.5.x series. Fluentd was updated to 1.16.3 because it contains significant bug fixes about in_tail. Note that td-agent will not be updated anymore. See Drop schedule announcement about EOL of Treasure Agent (td-agent) 4.


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