Fluentd v1.16.3 and v1.16.2 have been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.16.3 (changelog) on 2023-11-14. We also describe the content of v1.16.2 (changelog) on 2023-07-14 here.

In these releases, in_tail issues that have been reported for years are fixed! And other some bug fixes too.

Bug Fixes

in_tail: Fix in_tail wrongly stopping tailing the current target file and causing handle leaks

This issue has been reported for years. It was looking very serious, but the cause remained unclear until recently.

At last, we found different causes when the follow_inodes option is true and when it is false (default). We fixed the problem of follow_inodes true case in v1.16.2, and fixed the problem of follow_inodes false case in v1.16.3.

Especially, in follow_inodes false case, the trouble was mainly caused by rotate_wait option. In past versions, please avoid using large value for this option. In particular, if you make it greater than refresh_interval option, it will surely cause this issue.

In Fluentd v1.15.1 (td-agent v4.4.0) or later, the following warning log is recorded when this issue occurs.

Skip update_watcher because watcher has been already updated by other inotify event

If this issue occurs, please restart Fluentd, and please update Fluentd to the latest version. fluent-package v5.0.2 will be released in this month and it contains these fixes.

See the following PRs for more information.

  • follow_inodes true case: #4208
  • follow_inodes false case: #4327


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