Fluentd v1.16.4 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.16.4 on 2024-03-14. ChangeLog is here.

In this release, we fixed several bugs and improved performance.

Bug Fixes

Buffer: Fix emit error sometimes caused by failing to process large data exceeding chunk size limit

In previous versions, when Buffer processes large data exceeding the chunk size limit, it sometimes fails and causes an emit error.

It is usually unlikely, but it may occur when Buffer receives data with extremely large records that are distributed unevenly in the data.

If you set @ERROR label, the data is routed to that label, and Fluentd outputs a warning log message: send an error event stream to @ERROR: ....

However, if you don't set @ERROR label, the data is discarded, and Fluentd outputs a warning log message: emit transaction failed: .... In addition, Input plugins that do not consider an emit error may stop working, such as in_windows_eventlog2.

Here is an example of the warning message:

2024-03-22 14:13:35 +0900 [warn]: #0 emit transaction failed: error_class=IOError error="closed stream" location="/path/to/fluentd/lib/fluent/plugin/buffer/file_chunk.rb:82:in `pos'" tag="test"

If you see these warnings, please update Fluentd.

See #4342 for more information.


  • in_tail: Fix tail watchers in rotate_wait state not being managed. #4334
    • This problem should not have any actual negative impact on the operation.
  • Buffer: Avoid unnecessary log processing. It will improve performance. #4331

Enjoy logging!

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