fluent-package v5.0.3 has been released

Hi users!

We have released fluent-package v5.0.3. fluent-package is a stable distribution package of Fluentd. (successor of td-agent v4)

This is a maintenance release of v5.0.x LTS series. As significant slow starting service and crash issues during startup on Windows were fixed, we recommend upgrading to fluent-package v5.0.3!

Changes from fluent-package v5.0.2

  • Update fluentd to 1.16.5. See the following blog articles about details.
  • Update bundled plugins
    • e.g. fluent-diagtool v1.0.5. It supports to collect list of plugins on Windows.
  • msi: fixed wrong environment path for Fluent Package Prompt (#606)
    • It breaks fluent-diagtool behavior to launch fluent-gem correctly.
  • msi: removed unnecessary path delimiter (#607)
    • It doesn't cause any problem yet, but it should treat %~dp0 correctly.
  • rpm: fixed to take over enabled state of systemd service from td-agent v4 (#613)
  • deb rpm: fixed to quote target files correctly not to cause migration failures (#615)
  • msi: added a patch for RubyInstaller to avoid crash on start up (#620)
  • msi: fixed slow start issue on Windows (#631)

About next LTS schedule

We plan to ship next LTS version of fluent-package v5.0.4 on June, 2024. The content of updates are still in T.B.D.

About td-agent v4.5.2 and v4.5.3 (Windows)

As it was already announced Drop schedule announcement about EOL of Treasure Agent (td-agent) 4, td-agent v4 was reached EOL in Dec, 2023.

There is a exceptional maintenance release for v4.5.3 on Windows because there was a crash bug during startup on Windows. It was backported fix from fluent-package v5 as it is critical in some case.

We strongly recommend migrating from td-agent v4 to fluent-package v5 (LTS). See Upgrade to fluent-package v5


Please see the download page.

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