td-agent v4.4.2 has been released

Hi users!

We have released td-agent v4.4.2. td-agent is a stable distribution package of Fluentd.

Changes from td-agent v4.4.1

  • Update fluentd to 1.15.3
    • Fix log initializer to correctly create per-process files on Windows
    • out_file: Fix the multi-worker check with <worker 0-N> directive
    • Remove meaningless oj options
    • Support glob for !include directive in YAML config format
  • macOS: Support Apple Silicon
  • Update plugins
    • fluent-plugin-elasticsearch 5.2.4
    • fluent-plugin-opensearch 1.0.8
    • fluent-plugin-s3 1.7.2
    • fluent-plugin-windows-eventlog 0.8.2


Please see the download page.

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Written by ClearCode, Inc.

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