Fluentd v1.8.1 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.8.1. ChangeLog is here.

out_copy: Add copy_mode parameter

out_copy has deep_copy parameter but deep_copy is misleading name. This uses shallow copy via ruby's dup method and this is not fit for nested field case.

copy_mode resolves this problem. copy_mode parameter provides shallow and deep. If you need to mutate nested field after out_copy, you can use copy_mode deep. See also official out_copy article.

deep_copy parameter is now deprecated.

Major bug fixes

  • parser_ltsv: Prevent garbage result by checking label_delimiter

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Written by Masahiro Nakagawa

Masahiro (@repeatedly) is the main maintainer of Fluentd. He works on Fluentd development and support full-time. He is also a committer of the D programming language.