Fluentd v1.6.3 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.6.3. ChangeLog is here. These release includes several enhancements.

in_syslog: Add emit_unmatched_lines parameter

This parameter enables you to get unparseable log as an event. This is same as in_tail's one.

If true, emitted event is like below:

tag: syslog.unmatched  # 'syslog' depends on tag parameter
time: parsed time
record: {"unmatched_line":"broken line"}

buf_file: Add path_suffix parameter

You can change the suffix of buffer file. Here is an example:

# default
# with 'path_suffix .buf'

This parameter is useful when .log suffix is not fit for your system,

Bug fixes

  • http_server helper: Fix method re-define warning

Enjoy logging!

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Written by Masahiro Nakagawa

Masahiro (@repeatedly) is the main maintainer of Fluentd. He works on Fluentd development and support full-time. He is also a committer of the D programming language.