Fluentd v1.4.2 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.4.2. ChangeLog is here. This release includes several enhancements and bug fixes.

in_monitor_agent: Expose current timekey list as a buffer metrics

in_monitor_agent now returns new buffer_timekeys field like below:

  "buffer_timekeys" = >[1554741360],

You can use this field to check current chunk status, e.g. delay, stuck or more.

in_tcp/in_udp: Add source_address_key parameter

This is same as syslog input plugin.

  @type tcp
  source_address_key addr
  # other parameters...

With this configuation, client's address is assigned to addr field.

Major bug fixes

  • in_tail: Create parent directories for symlink
  • log: Fix time format handling of plugin logger when log format is JSON

Enjoy logging!

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Written by Masahiro Nakagawa

Masahiro (@repeatedly) is the main maintainer of Fluentd. He works on Fluentd development and support full-time. He is also a committer of the D programming language.

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