Fluentd v1.16.1 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.16.1 on 2023-04-17. ChangeLog is here.

In the previous version v1.16.0, there was a bug that caused Fluentd to fail to start with certain secondary configurations. In this release, we fixed that problem and added a new feature of in_tcp. And other some improvements!


  • in_tcp: Add message_length_limit to drop large incoming data. #4137

Bug Fixes

out_secondary_file: Fix NameError of SecondaryFileOutput when setting other secondaries

In the previous version v1.16.0, there was a bug that if you set another secondary without ever setting out_secondary_file, Fluentd fails to start with the following error.

/path/to/fluentd/lib/fluent/plugin/output.rb:429:in `configure': uninitialized constant Fluent::Plugin::Output::SecondaryFileOutput (NameError)

          if (@secondary.class != SecondaryFileOutput) &&

In this release, we fixed this problem.

See #4124 for more information.

Buffer: Fix that compress setting causes unexpected error when receiving already compressed MessagePack

With this release, it is now possible that Fluentd forwards already compressed MessagePack data to another Fluentd as is (without decompressing).

A possible use case is two-stage forwarding.

Forwarder1(out_forward) -> Forwarder2(in_forward, out_forward) -> Aggregator(in_forward)

In this case, Forwarder2 should process the data of CompressedMessagePackEventStream as is (without decompressing) and re-forward the data to Aggregator.

Until this version, a bug prevented us from setting Forwarder2's compress gzip of out_forward or buffer. It resulted in the following error.

[error]: #0 unexpected error on reading data host="..." port=... error_class=ArgumentError error="unknown keyword: :packer"

So we had no choice but to decompress and forward it from Forwarder2 to Aggregator.

With this release, we can now set compress gzip for Forwarder2!

See #4146 and #4147 for more information.


  • Server helper: Suppress error of UDPServer over max_bytes on Windows. #4131

Enjoy logging!

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