Fluentd v1.16.0 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.16.0 on 2023-03-29. ChangeLog is here.

This release is a new release of v1.16 series. In this release, we enhanced the feature for chunk file corruption and fixed some bugs, mainly about logging and race condition errors.


Backup corrupted chunk files at resuming

Some chunk files in buffer_file or buffer_file_single are possibly corrupted after Fluentd stopped abnormally, such as due to a power failure.

Fluentd has a feature to backup unrecoverable chunks as before. However, when Fluentd resumes, remaining corrupted chunk files were just deleted.

Since this release, Fluentd also backups those files at resuming. In addition, Fluentd outputs some useful logs about possibly corrupted chunk files due to an abnormal termination.

Please see the document and the following PRs for more information.

in_tcp: Add send_keepalive_packet option

Since this release, you can use send_keepalive_packet option for in_tcp, as well as in_forward or in_syslog.

Please see the document and #3961 for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • out_secondary_file: Fix race condition. #4081
  • out_secondary_file: Suppress warning using different secondary for outsecondaryfile. #4087
  • out_forward: Fix error of ack handling conflict with require_ack_response. #4030
  • Windows: Fix bug that Fluentd sometimes tries to use an unavailable port and fails to start. #4092
  • Windows: Fix bug that flushing or graceful reloading cause reopening wrong log file. #4054
  • Fix not to log some initial messages without format setting applied. #4091
  • Fix bug that some system configs are not reflected. #4064, #4065
  • Non-Windows: Fix not to generate sigdump file after receiving SIGTERM. #4043
  • Fix bug that system_config.workers value can be wrongly 1 at config check at startup. #4066
  • Fix bug that a variable whose type is not Fluent::Config::Element can be passed to Fluent::Plugin::Base::configure(). #4066

Enjoy logging!

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