Fluentd v1.15.3 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.15.3 on 2022-11-02. ChangeLog is here.

In this release, we fixed several bugs.

Bug Fixes

out_file: Fix the multi-worker check with <worker N-M> directive

In the v1.15.1, we added a new feature to prevent write conflicts between multiple workers.

However, this fix didn't work correctly with <worker N-M> directive.

With this setting, the configuration check before starting the supervisor mistakenly determines that the setting of out_file is invalid and causes Fluentd to terminate.

In this release, we fixed this problem.

See #3942 for more information.

Fix log rotation on Windows

We can configure log rotation setting as follows.

On Windows, the log files must be separated by each process.

NOTE: When --log-rotate-age is specified on Windows, log files are separated into log-supervisor-0.log, log-0.log, ..., log-N.log where N is generation - 1 due to the system limitation. Windows does not permit delete and rename files simultaneously owned by another process.

However, that log rotation setting in the system-directive didn't satisfy this and Fluentd outputted the logs of the supervisor process into the log file of the worker-0 process.

This could cause errors during log rotation.

In this release, we fixed this problem.

See #3939 for more information.

Support glob for !include directive in YAML config format

In the v1.15.0, we supported YAML config format.

However, handling glob of !include directive was leaked.

In this release, we supported it.

See #3917 for more information.

Remove meaningless and unsecure oj options

In this release, we removed the following oj options.


FLUENT_OJ_OPTION_MODE=object was unsecure, so we removed it.

This option is not used unless a user explicitly sets the environmental variable, so almost all users do not need to care about this vulnerability.

FLUENT_OJ_OPTION_MAX_NESTING was not supported, so we removed it.

See #3929 for more information.

Enjoy logging!

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