Fluentd v1.15.2 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.15.2. ChangeLog is here.

In this release, we fixed the problem that out_file's append mode with --daemon flag failed to flush the buffer.

Bug Fixes

out_file: Fix append mode with --daemon flag

In the previous version v1.15.1, we added a new feature to prevent write conflicts between multiple workers.

However, this fix didn't work correctly with --daemon flag of Fluentd command.

With that flag, out_file in the append mode fails to flush the buffer. This is a critical bug for td-agent, because td-agent uses --daemon flag by default.

In this release, we fixed this problem.

See #3864 for more information.

Miscellaneous fixes

  • Add a new system configuration enable_jit. #3857
  • child_process: Plug file descriptor leak. #3844
  • Drop win32-api gem to support Ruby 3.2. #3849, #3866

Enjoy logging!

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