Fluentd v1.15.0 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.15.0. ChangeLog is here.

This release is a new release of v1.15 series.

In this release, we added some new functions and fixed some crash bugs, especially about in_tail.


Support YAML configuration format

Fluentd now supports YAML configuration format as follows.

  - source:
      $type: forward
      port: 24224
  - source:
      $type: http
      port: 9880
  - match:
      $tag: myapp.access
      $type: file
      path: /var/log/fluent/access

This is not 1-by-1 correspondence for the traditional Fluentd config file syntax.

Please see the document for detailed usage instructions or see #3712 for more information.

in_tail: Add log throttling in files based on group rules

In this release, we add a new option directive group to in_tail.

From v1.13, We can use read_bytes_limit_per_second to throttle log flow rate, but we can only set it for each source unit.

By using this new option, we can throttle log flow rate for each file unit.

Please see the document for detailed usage instructions or see #3535 for more information.

Add restart_worker_interval to system configuration

In this release, we add a new option restart_worker_interval.

By default, Fluentd immediately restarts stopped workers, but you may want to keep the worker stopped for a while for some reason. In such cases, you can use this option as follows.

  restart_worker_interval 1m

By this setting, a stopped worker will restart after 1 minute.

See #3768 for more information.

fluent-ctl: Add a new command dump

In this release, we can use a new command dump in fluent-ctl.

This command is mainly for Windows.

As for non-Windows, you can manually send SIGCONT to each supervisor/worker process to dump their internal status. (Dump fluentd's Internal Information)

By using this new command, we can get the internal status on Windows too.

On Windows, this makes all Fluentd processes (including all worker processes) dump their internal status to the system temp directory (C:\\Windows\\Temp).

$ fluent-ctl dump [PID_OR_SVCNAME]

You can omit [PID_OR_SVCNAME] if you run the fluentd as a Windows service, whose service name is the default value fluentdwinsvc.

Please see the document for detailed usage instructions or see #3680 for more information.

Bug Fixes

  • Output plugins: Fix a possible crash of flush thread. #3755
  • in_tail: Fix crash bugs on Ruby 3.1 on Windows. #3766
  • in_tail: Fix a possible crash on file rotation when follow_inodes true. #3754
  • in_tail: Fix a bug that in_tail cannot open non-ascii path on Windows. #3774

Miscellaneous bug fixes

  • out_forward: Fix to update timeout of cached sockets. #3711
  • Fix a bug that fluentd doesn't release its own log file even after rotated by external tools. #3782

Enjoy logging!

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