Fluentd v1.14.5 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.14.5. ChangeLog is here.

This release is a maintenance release of v1.14 series.

in_http: Add support for "application/x-ndjson"

In this release, in_http supports the new Content-Type "application/x-ndjson". Its format is "ndjson", which is basically a list of JSON objects separated by "\n".

Here is an example of the format.

{"foo": "bar"}
{"buz": "hoge"}

See #3616 for more information.

Add support for the UCRT binary for Windows RubyInstaller 3.1

RubyInstaller 3.1 has switched C-Runtime from MSVCRT to UCRT, and the ruby and gem platform has changed to x64-mingw-ucrt. There was a problem in this environment that Windows-specific dependent gems could not be installed because Fluentd for this architecture had not been released.

Beginning with this release, Fluentd for this architecture is also released and this problem is solved.

See #3613 for more information.

out_forward: Fix hang-up issue during TLS handshake

There was a known issue that TLS handshake takes a long time or hangs when out_forward uses TLS transport, even though connect_timeout is specified.

With this release, connect_timeout is now reliably applied to TLS transport and able to prevent hangs.

See #3601 for more information.

Miscellaneous fixes

  • Fix a bug of retrying once when retry_max_times is 0. #3608
  • Fix "invalid byte sequence is replaced" warning not to write out invalid characters. #3596
  • Bump up required ServerEngine to v2.2.5. #3599

Enjoy logging!

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