Fluentd v1.14.3 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.14.3. ChangeLog is here.

This release is a maintenance release of v1.14 series.

in_tail: Fixed a bug that no new logs are read

This release contains a bug fix that no new logs were read when the following conditions were met.

  • enable_stat_watcher is enabled. (default: true)
  • enable_watch_timer is disabled. (default: true)

Thus, this bug was happened when you configure it like this:

  @type tail
  enable_stat_watcher true
  enable_watch_timer false

As enable_stat_watcher is enabled by default, this bug was occurred when enable_watch_timer false was explicitly set.

in_tail: Fixed a bug that the beginning and initial lines are lost

In this release, fixed a bug about in_tail that the beginning and initial lines are lost after startup when read_from_head false and path includes wildcard '*'.

This wrong behavior was caused by the following logic:

  • New files which are detected on refresh are not read from the beginning and initial lines are lost
  • Same as above for rotated files

Fixed a bug that processing messages were lost

In this release, fixed a bug that processing messages were lost when BufferChunkOverflowError was thrown even though only a specific message size exceeds chunk_limit_size.

Here is the example that it causes the bug:

  message a\n
  message b is longer.....message data exceeds chunk_limit_size\n
  message c\n

In above example, if incoming partial data exceeds chunk_limit_size, it raises BufferChunkOverflowError, then "message a" and "message c" is also lost.

It is not appropriate because the problem exists only a partial message data. Now such a message is changed to skip processing furthermore.

Note that even though with v1.14.3, still https://github.com/fluent/fluentd/issues/1849 is not fixed yet. This is also similar but another issue which cause BufferChunkOverflowError.

Upgrade attention for TD Agent users

If you use Fluentd v1.12 or later, we recommend to use at least v1.12.4. It is because in_tail contains serious bugs in it.

As latest td-agent 4.2.0 bundles Fluentd 1.13.3. If you want to upgrade Fluentd further more, upgrade it by yourself.

$ sudo td-agent-gem install fluentd --version=1.14.3

Enjoy logging!

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