Fluentd v1.14.0 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.14.0. ChangeLog is here.

This release is a new release of v1.14 series. We recommend to upgrade Fluentd because it contains fixes about in_tail bugs because a bug that deleted paths are not removed was fixed.

System configuration about metrics parameters were added

In this release, new system configuration parameters were added.

  • enable_input_metrics
  • enable_size_metrics

You can enable these parameters in <system> directive.


This feature might need to pay higher CPU cost, so these event metrics features are disabled by default. These features are also enabled by --enable-input-metrics,--enable-size-metrics command line.

And more, metrics plugin interface was improved. This improvements are introduced to enhance collecting metrics functionality.

In the future, 3rd party plugin will be able to handle these metrics mechanism.

@ROOT label was changed as reserved label

In this release, the @ROOT label is reserved for a builtin label which is used for getting root router by plugin's event_emitter_router API.

This is incompatible change. Do not use @ROOT like <label @ROOT>.

This label is aimed to assign a label back to the default route. For example, timed-out event records are handled by the concat filter which can be sent to the default route.

in_syslog: send_keepalive_packet option was added

TCP keepalive was supported by in_syslog to avoid dead connection, as same as in_forward.

in_http: cors_allow_credentials option was added

This option tells browsers whether to expose the response to frontend when the credentials mode is include.

The default value is false.

Fixed a crash bug on logging peer host name with errors

When a client with invalid TLS certificates is trying to connect, it is hard to investigate which client has the problem without peer information, so it was changed to log peer information since v1.12.4.

But, if it fails to resolve peer name information when logging, it caused a crash bug unexpectedly. In this release, this bug was fixed.

Upgrade attention for TD Agent users

If you use Fluentd v1.12 or later, we recommend to use at least v1.12.4. It is because in_tail contains serious bugs in it.

Note that the previous version of td-agent 4.1.1 ships a buggy Fluentd v1.12.3. We recommend upgrading to latest td-agent 4.2.0. It bundles Fluentd 1.13.3. If you want to upgrade Fluentd further more, upgrade it by yourself.

$ sudo td-agent-gem install fluentd --version=1.14.0

Enjoy logging!

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