Fluentd v1.13.2 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.13.2. ChangeLog is here.

This release is a maintenance release of v1.13 series. We recommend to upgrade Fluentd because it contains fixes about crash bugs.

Fixed a crash bug during startup phase

In this release, a crash bug was fixed during outputting log at the early stage when parsing invalid config file.

This was a bug since v1.13.0. If you use invalid '@' prefix parameter, remove it as a workaround.

in_tail: Fixed a bug that remaining lines will be discarded

When rotation is occurred with the throttling feature is enabled, there is a case that remaining lines will be discarded.

Added support to customize configuration of oj options

In this release, it is able to customize OJ options via environment variables.

Use the following environment variables to customize behavior of OJ.

  • FLUENT_OJ_OPTION_MODE (compat by default)
  • FLUENT_OJ_OPTION_USE_TO_JSON (true by default)

See Oj Options about details of oj options.

Generating template of storage plugin was supported

Since v1.13.2, fluent-plugin-generate command has been supported to generate template files for storage plugin.

$ fluent-plugin-generate storage foo
License: Apache-2.0
        create Gemfile
        create README.md
        create Rakefile
        create fluent-plugin-foo.gemspec
        create lib/fluent/plugin/storage_foo.rb
        create test/helper.rb
        create test/plugin/test_storage_foo.rb
Initialized empty Git repository in /work/fluentd/fluentd/fluentd/fluent-plugin-foo/.git/

Upgrade attention for TD Agent users

If you use Fluentd v1.12 or later, we recommend to use at least v1.12.4. It is because in_tail contains serious bugs in it.

Note that even latest td-agent 4.1.1 also ships a buggy Fluentd v1.12.3. You should upgrade bundled Fluentd by yourself. This issue will be fixed in the future release of td-agent.

$ sudo td-agent-gem install fluentd --version=1.13.2

Enjoy logging!

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