Fluentd v1.12.2 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.12.2. ChangeLog is here.

out_copy: Add a new attribute ignore_if_prev_successes

You can start using ignore_if_prev_successes to define fallback outputs. Fluentd will make use of these destinations if (and only if) the preceding outputs failed.

<store ignore_error>
  @type test
  name c0
<store ignore_if_prev_success ignore_error>
  @type test
  name c1
<store ignore_if_prev_success>
  @type test
  name c2

time-format: Add a new option time_format_fallbacks

Fluentd is now able to handle a heterogeneous time field. For example, if your timestamp field is mostly unixtime, but sometimes formatted in iso8601, you can specify as follows:

time_type mixed
time_format_fallbacks unixtime, %iso8601

formatter_ltsv: Safe delimiter character handling

To prevent LTSV data from being corrupted, we've started to substitute a delimiter character in records with a safe replacement. You can fine-tune the behaviour using replacement option as follows:

  @type ltsv
  replacement " "

Several in_tail stability fixes

We’ve fixed several in_tail stability issues:

  • in_tail may not send rotated logs when mv is used to rotate #3292
  • in_tail crashes worker upon ENOENT #3274

out_forward: Fix duplication logs at shutdown

Fluentd now waits ack responses in the shutdown phase correctly #3137.

Project Maintenance

  • Our community forum has been moved to Discuss. Google group is deprecated.
  • We've migrated CI from Travis CI and AppVeyor to GitHub Actions #3281 #3290
  • We greet new maintainers from ClearCode Inc. #3282

Enjoy logging!

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Written by ClearCode, Inc.

ClearCode, Inc. is a software company specializing in the development of Free Software. We maintain Fluentd and its plugin ecosystem, and provide commercial support for them.

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