Fluentd v1.12.1 has been released

Hi users!

We have released v1.12.1. ChangeLog is here.

out_http: A new option headers_from_placeholders added

You can start using headers_from_placeholders to embed tags and record fields into HTTP headers.

headers_from_placeholders {"x-foo-bar":"${$.foo.bar}","x-tag":"app-${tag}"}
<buffer tag,$.foo.bar>
  # buffer parameters...

config-format: Markdown table support

fluent-plugin-config-format is now able to show the list of configuration options using a Markdown table.

$ fluent-plugin-config-format -t input dummy

### Configuration

|tag|string (required)|The value is the tag assigned to the generated events.||
|size|integer (optional)|The number of events in event stream of each emits.|`1`|
|rate|integer (optional)|It configures how many events to generate per second.|`1`|
|auto_increment_key|string (optional)|If specified, each generated event has an auto-incremented key field.||
|suspend|bool (optional)|The boolean to suspend-and-resume incremental value after restart<br>Deprecated: This parameters is ignored||
|sample| (optional)|The sample data to be generated. An array of JSON hashes or a single JSON hash.<br>Alias: dummy|`[{"message"=>"sample"}]`|

A new system option disable_shared_socket added

You can now prevent Fluentd from creating a communication socket by setting disable_shared_socket option (or --disable-shared-socket command-line parameter).

This option is useful, in particular, on Windows when you do not want Fluentd from occupying an ephemeral TCP port. Read the documentation for details.

Enjoy logging!

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