Fluentd Meetup (and Docker integration)!

We are happy to announce that Treasure Data is hosting a Fluentd Meetup in the Bay area!, feel free to join us this Thursday 23th to attend our presentation titled Fluentd and Docker infrastructure. We will talk about Fluentd, it internals, use cases and the new native integration of the Fluentd driver inside Docker made by Treasure Data.

We’ll have lots of food and drinks, you can register in the link below. Don’t miss out!

Register: Fluentd, Docker and All That: Logging Infrastructure 2015 Edition

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Written by Eduardo Silva

Eduardo (@edsiper) is an Open Source Engineer at Treasure Data, he is part of Fluentd core team and maintains [Fluent Bit](http://fluentbit.io).

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Fluentd is an open source data collector to unify log management.


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