Fluentd at RedDotRubyConf

Last month, Satoshi Tagomori gave a talk at RedDotRubyConf, the largest Ruby conference in Southeast Asia.

Satoshi is one of the core maintainers of Fluentd and a prolific Fluentd plugin author. As of this writing, he has 29 plugins to his credit with over 280k total downloads. His latest project is Norikra, a schemaless SQL-like stream processing engine that runs atop Fluentd.

According to Satoshi, there is a vibrant Fluentd community in Singapore, and he was pleased to see many of them in the audience.

Do check out his slides! They cover both the fundamentals of Fluentd and real-world use cases/deployment models for Fluentd. Super informative.

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Written by Kiyoto Tamura

Kiyoto (@kiyototamura) is a maintainer of Fluentd. He works on developer marketing and everything related to Fluentd at Treasure Data, the cloud-based, managed service for big data.

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