NodeJS: Fluent-Logger v0.3 have been released

Fluentd as an enterprise solution for data collection is getting a lot of traction, and not only on common server side applications, also on Docker Containers and inside the NodeJS ecosystem.

For NodeJS developers, the package fluent-logger is available so you can unify your logging layer easily. Today we have updated the package with a couple of fixes for it build dependencies. We made this version compatible with NodeJS < 4.x, as it's where most of the production users runs on (for compatibility with NodeJS >= 4, please check the nodejs-4 branch).

I cannot close this post without mention that we are happy that this package have been downloaded more than 70k times this year!, definitely Fluentd is becoming the defacto logging layer solution everywhere.

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Written by Eduardo Silva

Eduardo (@edsiper) is an Open Source Engineer at Treasure Data, he is part of Fluentd core team and maintains [Fluent Bit](

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Fluentd is an open source data collector to unify log management.


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