"At Atlassian, we've been impressed by Fluentd and have chosen to use it in Atlassian Cloud's logging and analytics pipeline."


Operations Management Suite uses Fluentd: "The core of the agent uses an existing open source data aggregator called Fluentd. Fluentd has hundreds of existing plugins, which will make it really easy for you to add new data sources."

The architecture of Fluentd (Sponsored by Treasure Data) is very similar to Apache Flume or Facebook’s Scribe. Fluentd is easier to install and maintain and has better documentation and support than Flume and Scribe.

When I first started at Backplane, I wanted to get us to start logging everything and aggregating it in JSON, and I wanted that system up and running fast. Fluentd got me there in less than a day. I was skeptical of reliability at first, but it takes so little time to setup, there's no reason not to try it.

It hasn't crashed once yet, works exactly as I need it to thanks to the huge plugin library, and likely saved us a ton of time. As an added bonus: the user list for Fluentd was also way more responsive when I ran into initial setup questions than those of any competitors. If you want to start logging your data fast, Fluentd is a great way to go. has been able to implement multi-source, multi-destination event streaming quickly and easily using fluentd. We're very appreciative.

CyberAgent (TYO:4751) is a Tokyo based company that specializes in internet business. We are expanding our businesses in the field of Social Network Services and Web advertising. Though collecting and analyzing log data is quite important in our services, we had no choice but to conduct in conventional methods such as using Hadoop to analyze log data or rsync and script.

That is why we began to use Fluentd. Fluentd made it possible to collect existing log with significantly lower resources, while it is not affecting the analyzing process. We introduced this system successfully and safely. Fluentd helps us collect and analyze an app log and midleware log efficiently. And as a result, it improves our daily operation and services.

DeNA (pronounced “D-N-A”) is a global Internet company (TSE:2432) focused on social games and e-commerce. DeNA operates the Mobage platform, which is one of the most successful gaming service in Japan with more than49 million registered players as of March, 2013.

We use Fluentd for log monitoring, visualization of metrics, and realtime log collection. It can deal with the log of our large-scaled servers. We are very happy with its reliability, and flexibility provided by its plugin mechanism.

Drecom (TYO:3793), based in Tokyo, is planning and developing many types of services which are focusing on word "communication" such as: mobile contents, internet advertising, etc. In our business, Log collection and analysis is essential in order to continue to provide services of the highest satisfaction to the user.

Fluentd is easy to install, reliable, and provides support with out interfering with our regular tasks. If anything, we are paying attention to not forget the presence of the silent daemon. It can not only provide many plugins, but also have and can develop add plugins with necessary functions. We are pleased to fluent work with the Fluentd daemon.

Data Science is at the core of GREE (TYO:3632)'s business, and it starts with logging user events and Advertisement related data. We currently deploy Fluentd for a number of our games and ad services to federate user event data, and use that data to inform our product decisions.

So far, we've been pleased with Fluentd's robustness and performance: it has held up strongly against our massive data, allowing us to focus on data analytics instead of logging.

We use fluentd to tally action logs and monitor action logs for our hit puzzle games. We're extremely satisfied, as fluentd delivers a simple architecture with high availability.

At Knowlarity Communications, we process anywhere between 2 ~ 10 Million calls on a daily basis. This needs us to be Fault tolerant & Resilient. We use Fluentd to collect Call Detail Records (CDRs) from various machines and feed it to our analytics tools & alerting systems in real time. Fluentd was very easy to setup & use. It also provides a variety of plugins which lets you get started quickly. Additionally It has also proved to be very reliable and scalable.

LINE Corp., based in Tokyo, is web services company. Log collection and analysis is one the most important missions in our day-to-day operations. As such we have spent quite a long time to search for the right tool that can process and collect data from various sources with great flexibility and high throughput -- and we came up with Fluentd.

We utilize Fluentd to collect a very large amount of logs. The logs are written into Hadoop HDFS clusters, and are also used to analyze various service statuses in realtime. We also use many plugins from to further enhance this mechanism. - Satoshi Tagomori

Since we adopted Fluentd, our services have acquired to integrate collecting various structured events and log data. It is not only for collecting logs, it could preprocess logs with many swiss-army knife plugins to make it easy to analyze them. Also we could easily to create input/output plugins as needed.

Fluentd has been worked in our business to help day-by-day data driven development for our Growth Hacker. Therefore, I felt Fluentd is revolutionary log collection tool I have ever seen.

NAMCO BANDAI Studios Inc. is a platform-agnostic development studio that mainly develops console games, arcade games, online games, and mobile games. Besides games, NBSI also produces music, movie, and other entertainment content.

Log file analysis is key to examining user trends for our game services. We keep numerous logs such as access logs, error logs, and action logs. In order to efficiently analyze the information, we needed a solution flexible enough to aggregate the data from all the various logs. The Fluentd concept fits our needs perfectly. For a large-scale service with hundreds of thousands of users, Fluentd's scalability has proven to be valuable.

We use Fluentd to collect massive data logs for our platforms. Having developed a system based on Fluentd, we are now effectively monitoring and analyzing our services in real-time. We are very much satisfied with its flexibility, especially how easy it is to use in tandem with other systems. is one of the largest Chinese online TV provider, which has 35 million active users. PPTV clients can be installed on multi-platforms (Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, WP, etc).

We (PPTV site operation team) tried to find a solution to do realtime log-collection and analyse based on the massive logfiles. Finally, we found that Fluentd is the perfect solution to do real-time log collection. Log can be JSON-structured to MongoDB cluster. Realtime monitoring/reporting/charting can be generated from MongoDB data, which is helpful to our operation work. Fluentd is a great tool!

SlideShare uses Fluentd to stream logs and events in the cloud. We were looking for a versatile yet lightweight logger in Ruby, and Fluentd fit the bill perfectly.

SMARTSTUDY creates educational mobile apps for kids. We use Fluentd to bridge our Docker instances and Elasticsearch for log analysis. We love Fluentd!

Uken Games is a Canadian cross-platform gaming company. Our users generate a lot of logs, and Fluentd made it really easy for us to manage them. It also allowed us to painlessly try and compare new solutions for log analysis, simply by modifying configs and zero-downtime restarting the client. Deploying Fluentd was a breeze with Chef.

At Viki, we use Fluentd deployed on Heroku to collect analytics events from various apps which then go into Treasure Data and in-house Hadoop Cluster for analysis. Fluentd integrates seamlessly with Heroku, and we've been impressed with its versatility and reliability.

At, we started using Fluentd from early on to collect user event data. Its reliability and ease of use from application code (Python for us) make it easy for us to keep track of the key metrics.

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